Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do you eat Vegetables? Watch out for the river toxins in your greens!

If your river is polluted, the vegetables you eat is poison.  This is what we are warned from this news that talks about how pesticides and a toxic mix of sewage and industrial effluents may be contaminating what’s grown on the bed of the Yamuna River in India...

(Source: Times of India) 

Good Morning Thought - 23rd July 2014!

Money is Honey in this world. Bees can take their abode in hellhole...

Good Morning!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Solar power can fight water woes!

Sharing this very appropriate graphic depiction of water consumption by different sources of energy production.  This shows us clearly that while coal consumes the highest amount of water to produce electricity, solar is almost a ZERO water consuming power generation source.  Isn't reason enough to invest more in solar in a world where water scarcity is triggering worst ever conflicts, including security problems?

Let's think!
More importantly, Let's Act!!

Discussing flood management issues in a TV channel now...

Right now, I am going Live, over phone, with Focus TV in a discussion on flood management in the state of Odisha, INDIA...

Subsidy for renewable energy is welcome. India should focus on Solar now!

900 crore subsidy to conventional & renewable sources in areas with no or poor electricity. India sud focus on solar now,even in grid covered ares!


Good Morning Thought - 22nd July 2014!

Freedom that you want for yourself is what you are prepared to respect in others...

Good Morning!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Armed govt. guards and armed bandits both deprive farmers of water!

2 sides of India: Gujarat gov's armed WATER GUARDS bar farmers water from Narmada; armed bandits demand water from villagers in Lucknow...